After getting a diploma in classical piano from Laval University in 2009, Luce Bélanger decided to pursue a second bachelor, this time in jazz singing, which she obtained in 2011. She then moved to Montreal where she earned a Masters in jazz singing from McGill University in 2014. Throughout the years, she has taken the stage to participate in a variety of projects.


As a composer, she has two albums to her name: Géranium (2016) and Désert blanc (2010). In addition to receiving a research and creation grant from the Conseil des Arts de Montréal in 2019 and from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec in 2015, Luce and her band stood out at the Festi Jazz International in Rimouski in 2016, where the audience awarded them the "Coup de cœur" prize in the "Vitrine sur la relève" series. In 2017 and 2018, Luce Bélanger and her band performed all throughout Quebec, including at the OFF Jazz Festival.


Luce has been pursuing her passion for a cappella music for 10 years. Her interest in vocal arrangements has only grown over that period. Since 2009, she can be heard singing with Jazz Affair, a vocal sextet (Juno, Opus prices and Independant Music Awards nominee in 2020). In April 2012, the group took part in the Harmony Sweepstakes A Capella Festival in New York and won the prize for Best arrangement. In 2017, Jazz Affair released their first album, Jam. In 2019, they released their second album entitled Wishes.


In January 2015, Luce joined VoxA4, becoming the a cappella quartet’s fourth singing voice. The foursome has given performances throughout the province at concerts and private events. As chorists, they’ve collaborated with various artists, including Alex Nevsky (for two shows in Montreal in 2015) and the Trio BBQ (Maritimes tour in 2017, Ontario tour in 2018, Abitibi tour in 2019). In 2018, they released The Christmas List album, in collaboration with the Trio BBQ.

As a piano accompanist, Luce enjoys collaborating with songwriters and musical theater artists. In the last few years, she’s expanded her horizons by bringing her talents to the world of theatre and dance. In February 2012, she worked as a vocal director for the play Iphigénie en Auto, performed at the Théâtre Premier Acte in Quebec City. In 2016, she composed the soundtrack for the show Mange-moi and played it live on the piano (at Tangente, Vue sur la Relève and at the Festival Grand Cru in Montreal). In 2016, she took part in the musical theater play Captain Aurora II as a pianist and musical co-director (at the La Chapelle Theater during the Fringe Festival in Montreal). In the fall of 2017, she took on the role of musical director for the show A song of Fiction (New Wave Festival in Montreal).